Inglesina Aptica XT

Pre-Order for Feb 2021

Aptica XT is the new Inglesina System Quattro "All terrain" that follows the growth of the child from birth to 22 kg (4 years), from nap to stroll. Equipped with Darwin Infant i-Size car seat with Darwin i-size base, approved according to the new ECE R129 standard.


The first stroller with ADAPTIVE CRUISE for off-limits walks.

Thanks to the exclusive Adaptive Cruise System, Aptica XT dynamically adapts to all terrains and to your child's growth, always guaranteeing maximum well-being and an agile and fluid operation even in the most extreme conditions.



•Maxi carrycot

•Welcome Pad™ + mattress



•Car seat Darwin Infant i-Size

•Stroller seat



Pram with generous internal dimensions 79 x 37 cm. It is designed for car transportation and is type approved for group 0 (children weighing between 0 and 10 kg), according to ECE 44/04 European regulations, with the use of the dedicated Auto kit.



• Guarantees maximum well-being for the child:

- Thanks to its internal dimensions, it allows the widest possible use time, even in the winter months, when the child is wrapped in overalls or padded sleeping bags.

- The backrest can be reclined in different positions to facilitate digestion after feeding.

- Base with aeration control system, to regulate the flow of air and temperature inside the carrycot.

- Hood in anti-UV (UPF50+) treated fabric with removable sun visor for shielding against direct sunlight even when the sun is low on the horizon. - Ventilation windows in the hood ensure proper air circulation inside, to keep the area cool and ventilated.


The Welcome Pad™ derives from the "START MATT" medical device (designed by Inglesina in collaboration with the department of Neonatology of the Maggiore Hospital of Bologna) and was made in observance of the latest scientific wellbeing and safety guidelines. In combination with the mattress, on which it is laid, it creates a very important ergonomic support during the delicate phase of the first months of life of the child.



• Promotes lying on the back and alignment of the spine.

• Gives the baby the surrounding and protection he needs, especially in the first 7-9 weeks of life.

• Helps keep the airways aligned. • Mitigates the risk of plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome).

• Adapts to the growth of the baby, thanks to the adjustable wedge for supporting the legs.

• It allows the temperature and sweating of the baby to be controlled, thanks to its 3D mesh structure coupled with foam padding and bamboo fibre lining, which is highly breathable, hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial.


Car seat approved according to the European standard ECE R129 i-Size, suitable for children from birth until the child is 75 cm tall. Compatible with Darwin i-Size base. It can be installed also without the car base. It can be positioned inside the car only rearward facing, on the rear seats or on the front seat only if the airbag has been disabled.



• Allows you to travel safely:

- It meets the high safety criteria set by the new ECE R129 standard.

- Maximum protection in case of side impacts, thanks to Side Head Protection technology.

- The matching with the i-size base remarkably decreases the risk of an incorrect installation inside the car.


• It guarantees maximum comfort for the child:

- The generous dimensions and the tilt angle guarantee the child an ideal posture.

- The head hugger, covered in soft jersey fabric and breathable 3D mesh on the back, welcomes and protects the child in the first months of life.

- The seat structure has 149 holes for ventilation.


• Easy and practical to use:

- Easy to carry, thanks to the carry handle with ergonomic handle and its light weight (4.75 kg).

- Equipped with a practical central release mechanism, located on the back of the backrest.

- The headrest can be height-adjusted via a central control, and is integrated with the harness system to easily adapt to the growth of your child.

- Removable internal fabric lining, hand washable at 30°C.


Seat to compose the stroller of the Aptica system.



• It comes complete with footmuff, full cover hood with UV treatment (UPF 50+) and baby bottle holder.

• It easily engages and disengages to/from the chassis in both directions. • Sandwich folding system to take up minimal space.

• It guarantees maximum comfort for the child:

- The stroller seat is very wide and padded (53 x 33 cm).

- The backrest can be reclined in 7 positions to the "sleeping" position by means of a central control.

- The footrest is height and length adjustable to grow at the same pace as your child.

- The padded shoulder straps of the belts and the crotch strap avoid the harness rubbing against your child's delicate skin.

If you are interested in pre-ordering an Aptica XT